At Berkeley Alexander we believe in equal opportunities and ensuring our services are available to everyone. As such, we have designed our web sites to be highly accessible with the following features.

Font Size

All our web sites are designed with resizable fonts so you can scale the text to suit your needs.


All images used on our web site are described with an alternative description wherever the picture is used as part of the content. Decorative images are designed to be ignored by text to speach browsers to enable easy navigation.


We do not currently use multimedia elements on our web pages but will monitor their usability if and when they are introduced.


All use of colours on the site is decorative and in no way designed to convey information. As such, if the web site is used with no colour available it shall remain accessible.


We use external stylesheets to separate our content from the layout. As such, when stylesheets are not available, the content will drop into a simple layout which remains usable.

Image Maps

We do not use image maps on this web site.


Our use of tables is limited and they are always titled so as to convey the type of information contained within. No tables are used with multiple levels of row or column headers.


We do not use frames within our web sites.


We do not use any elements which would cause screen flicker on screens running between 2Hz and 55Hz.

Text Only Version

All of our web sites should work in text only mode but Javascript is required for our quote engine systems.

Plug Ins

No plug ins are required to use our web pages.

Timed Responses

We do not require timed responses at any point on our web sites.


We endeavour to always ensure that we have as high a contrast as possible between text and background colours throughout our web sites.


We use headers, paragraphs and list elements according to the HTML specification to provide the logical flow of information within the pages of our web sites.

Site Map

We have provided a site map to enable easy navigation directly to all areas of each of our web sites.

Tab Order

We have set the tab order through all of our web sites and forms to enable simple linear navigation without reliance on pointer technologies.


This site is designed to enable you to print any page at any time without having to worry about changing your settings to make it fit on paper. Some items will not print, such as navigation menus and other items with no worth on paper. At any time, use the print button on your web browser and the site will automatically pass a printer friendly version to the printer.