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How to Use This Site

This page contains information on the features used within and throughout this site to aid your navigation and enable you to access the information you require. Within this page we also provide instructions on how to use the features of the main web browsers to make the page easier to read if you have difficulties with the default sizing and colours. This page is available from every page in the site.

Organisation of Information

This site contains information on most aspects of the work we do at Berkeley Alexander and is broken into sections for Products, Services and Insurers. We also have Help and About Us sections. A complete Site Map is available from every page which lists the entire contents of the site.


We use three major navigation tools on this site. The first is situated towards the top of the page, below our logo. This gives access to the major sections of the site and is largely static. We also use a dynamic menu system on the right hand side of the page which contains links to tools and related articles, depending on the current page you are viewing. Finally, our site footer gives access to the About Us section, our Accessibility statement, Terms of Business and Privacy Policy, the Contact Us and About Us sections, as well as the Site Map which can be used to find most of the content of the site.


This site is designed to enable you to print any page at any time without having to worry about changing your settings to make it fit on paper. Some items will not print, such as navigation menus and other items with no worth on paper. At any time, use the print button on your web browser and the site will automatically pass a printer friendly version to the printer.


We always welcome feedback on our websites, products and the service you have received from us. If you have a general query, our details can be found in the Contact Us section of the site.