Hiscox have a long history, and great expertise, in providing specialist home insurance cover, and are widely considered to be one of the leading insurers in the High Net Worth market.

They don’t behave like a typical insurance company in that who they insure is as important as what they insure.

Their claims service is at the heart of what they do. Should the worst happen, Hiscox’s award-winning claims team will take a common sense approach to your client’s claim and ensure it is handled quickly, efficiently and fairly.

Policy cover includes:-

  • Worldwide cover - for all risks of physical loss or damage to your client’s possessions.
  • Specialist cover - for high value items of fine art, antiques and jewellery.
  • New for old - on all contents, with no wear and tear reductions.
  • Bespoke valuables cover - No need to list jewellery & watches under £17,500 in value (any one item), or fine art pieces under £30,000 in value (any one item).
  • Family protection cover – specialist help and support following traumatic or stressful events such as identity fraud, kidnap or aggravated assault in an attempted burglary.
  • Public liability & Employers' Liability cover – up to £10 million for domestic staff, such as a housekeeper, cleaner, etc.
  • Legal expenses cover - of up to £100,000.

Key benefits:-

  • Approved services – access to a range of approved product and service providers at specially negotiated discounted rates, such as alarm/security companies, valuers of jewellery and fine art, etc.
  • Client helplines – free access to a range of specialist helplines ranging from legal matters through to personal security advice and assistance, with access to 24 hour helplines when travelling abroad.
  • Interest free direct debit - offered for premiums over £5,000 or after customers' 3rd renewal (2.5% for premiums under £5,000 in the first three years).

Optional cover extensions:-

  • Additional UK properties – add multiple UK homes to the same policy, reducing administration time and costs.
  • Overseas homes – in most European countries, and North America.
  • Annual travel insurance.
  • Motor insurance.

About Hiscox:-

For more information about Hiscox, visit http://www.hiscoxbroker.co.uk/about-us/

Please Note:- The above summary of cover is illustrative only and should be read in conjunction with the full terms and conditions of the Hiscox policy.